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MB series stepless speed changer

MBSeries stepless speed changerIn practice for many years, it has proved that it has a unique style among many CVT families. Due to the reasonable design structure, convenient operation and stable transmission, this series of products are widely used in food machinery, printing and paper machinery. , Rubber, plastic machinery, ceramic machinery, pharmaceutical machinery and various work production lines in the occasions where the process parameters are changeable and the speed changes continuously, and it is also equipped to explore the working speed of the machine during the trial production of new products.




1,Stepless speed changerThe speed regulation accuracy is high, and the speed regulation accuracy is 0.5-1 revolutions, which is the leader of similar products. 
2. High speed range Rb=5. 
3. This seriesVariable speed machineAll transmission parts have undergone strict treatment, precision processing, grinding, good contact and lubrication performance, so it runs smoothly, with low noise and long service life. 
4. The biggest feature of MB speed changer is that it can effectively be used in combination with various gear reducers, cycloid reducers, worm gear reducers, and reduction motors, thereby increasing the output torque and achieving the lowest value in various situations. And the highest output speed, with good adaptability. 
5. The output torque and power of the speed changer change with the change of the output revolution, and it has the mechanical characteristics of variable torque and variable power.


Technical Parameters                               


input power:0.18~22KW

Output speed: 8~2000r/min
Allowable torque≤1180N.M
Variable speed range:
1. Basic type: 200-1000r/min
3、变速机带二级齿轮减速(i=8-25) :8-125r/min

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