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K series spiral bevel gear reducer

product description: 
    1. The K series spiral bevel gear reducer is manufactured in accordance with international technical requirements and has a high technological content. 
    2. It saves space, is reliable and durable, with high overload capacity, and the power can reach more than 200KW. 
    3. Low energy consumption, superior performance, and the reducer efficiency is as high as 95%. 
    4. K spiral bevel gear reducer has low vibration, low noise and high energy saving. 
    5. Use high-quality section steel material, rigid cast iron box body, and the gear surface undergoes high frequency heat treatment. 
    6. After precision processing, the reducer that forms the transmission assembly of helical gears, bevel gears and bevel gears is equipped with various motors to form an electromechanical integration, which fully guarantees the quality characteristics of the geared motor products.

technical parameter: 
    Power: 0.18KW~200KW 
    Torque: 10N·m~58500N·m 
    Output speed: 0.08~263r/min

Spiral bevel gear reducer

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