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Hengli reducer teaches you how to choose

Constant force reducerSelection needs to look at three main points :

The selection of general reducer includes steps such as proposing original conditions, selecting types, and determining specifications.

In contrast, the type selection is relatively simple, and the working conditions of the reducer are accurately provided, and the design, manufacture and use characteristics of the reducer are the key to the correct and reasonable selection of the specifications of the general reducer.The selection of specifications should meet the conditions of strength, thermal balance, and radial load bearing on the shaft extension.                                                                                                     
 .Select specifications according to mechanical power or torque (strength check)

         The biggest difference between the general-purpose reducer and the special-purpose reducer design and selection method is that the former is applicable to various industries, but the reduction can only be designed according to a specific working condition.     Therefore, when selecting, users need to consider different correction factors according to their requirements. The factory should mark the nameplate according to the actual selected motor power (not the rated power of the reducer); the latter is designed according to the user’s special conditions, and the factor to be considered should be Generally, it has been considered, as long as the use power is less than or equal to the rated power of the reducer when selectingHowever, the method is relatively simple.

two, Thermal balance check:

The allowable thermal power value of the universal reducer is based on the maximum allowable equilibrium temperature of the lubricating oil (generally 20 ℃) definite.When the conditions are different, it is corrected according to the corresponding coefficient (sometimes integrated into a coefficient).

three.Check the radial load on the shaft extension:

General-purpose reducers often have to limit the maximum radial load allowed by the middle part of the input shaft and output shaft extension, which should be checked. When exceeding, the manufacturer should request the manufacturer to increase the shaft diameter and increase the bearing.

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