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Hengli Transmission Machinery professionally talks about the skills of installing reducers

Hengli Transmission Machinery specializes in the skills of installing reducers.installationReducerWith unique methods and skills, how can we effectively install the reducer?Only effective installation can be used correctly, and the method of installation is very particular.What matters need to be paid attention to during installation is our common concern. The following is the correct method and knowledge of skills for installing the reducer.

XNUMX. When the reducer is calibrated, it can be carried out with steel spacers or cast iron spacers. The height of the spacers is not more than three, and it can also be carried out with an iron. But after the reducer is calibrated, it should be replaced with a flat spacer. Attention points.

XNUMX. When installing the reducer on the foundation, for the R series helical gear hardened surface reducer, the installation center line elevation of the reducer must first be calibrated, and the levelness and related dimensions of the connected parts must be configured.

Third, the installation method of the cycloid reducer, it is necessary to install belt pulleys, couplings, sprocket and other coupling parts on the output shaft, and it is not allowed to directly beat when installing these coupling parts. Install the installation method of the reducer, Worm gear reducer, because the output shaft structure of the cycloid reducer can not withstand the axial hammering force, K series spiral bevel gear reducer, so the screw hole can be screwed into the shaft end to press into the coupling when installing.

XNUMX. The eyebolts on the reducer can only be used for lifting the reducer.

XNUMX. Irrigation in the cement slurry of the reducer should be dense, with no bubbles, voids and other defects during installation as the standard.

XNUMX. The configuration of the reducer pad block should avoid causing deformation of the body. It should be arranged symmetrically on both sides of the foundation bolts, and the mutual distance can be enough to allow the water slurry to circulate freely during irrigation. Points for attention in the selection of the reducer.The concentricity of the calibrated moving shaft should not exceed the allowable range of the coupling.

1568. Select GB79-XNUMX to match the shaft diameter of the output shaft and input shaft of the reducer.

The installation of the reducer is basically the problem that needs to be described above, of course, there may be different points of attention for the installation of different reducers.In particular, you must be cautious about the calibration of the reducer. Only after calibration can it be used more smoothly.If you have any questions about the installation of the reducer, please contact Hengli Reducer Machinery Company.


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