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How to understand the structural characteristics of bevel gear reducer?

How to understandStructural characteristics of bevel gear reducerIt.

Question: What are the structural characteristics of the bevel gear reducer?
Answer: Hengli reducer will answer for you:

The transmission ratio of the bevel gear reducer is fixed, but in engineering practice, some working machines often need to work at several different speeds. This requires adjusting the prime mover and working machine at any time during work according to the requirements of use. Transmission ratio.

The structure of the bevel gear reducer is mainly composed of gears (or worms), shafts, bearings, boxes, etc.The box body must have sufficient rigidity. In order to ensure the rigidity and heat dissipation of the box body, reinforcing ribs are often made on the outer wall of the box body.In order to facilitate the manufacture, assembly and use of the bevel gear reducer, a series of accessories are also installed on the bevel gear reducer, such as inspection holes, vents, oil dipsticks or oil level indicators, hooks and cap screws.

Distribution transmission ratio:

Make the transmission have the smallest moment of inertia; make the oil immersion depth of the large gears in the various transmissions approximately equal; make the load-carrying capacity of the various transmissions close to equal; minimize the outline size and mass of the bevel gear reducer;

Working principle: Relying on friction transmission, changing the output radius of the driving part and the driven part, to achieve no change in the transmission ratio.

Function: The transmission ratio can be changed at any time as required.
Type: Stepped transmission---The transmission of the stepped transmission can only be changed in stages through the operating mechanism according to the established design requirements. Continuously variable transmission—The transmission ratio of the continuously variable transmission can be changed steplessly within the predetermined range of design.

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