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How to lubricate the gear reducer?

    How to lubricate the gear reducer?Regarding the lubrication of the reducer, it is also a very important link for the maintenance of the reducer.Open and semi-open gear reducer drives, or closed gear drives with lower speeds, are usually lubricated periodically by humans, and the lubricant used is lubricating oil or grease.The lubrication of the reducer also has its own conditions, and the lubrication conditions for different reducers are also different.Let's take a look at how the constant force reducer lubricates the gear reducer.

    When the circumferential speed of the gear of the reducer is greater than 12m/S, oil injection lubrication should be used, that is, the oil pump or the central oil supply station supplies oil at a predetermined pressure, and the lubricating oil is sprayed onto the gear teeth through the nozzle.When v≤25m/s, the nozzle can be located on the side of the gear tooth engagement or the side of the whistle; when v>25m/s, the nozzle should be located on the side of the gear whistle, so that the lubricant can be used to cool the newly meshed The gear teeth are also lubricated at the same time.

    The general closed gear reducer transmission, the lubrication method is determined according to the circumferential speed of the gear.When the peripheral speed of the gear V<12m/s, the gear teeth of the large gear are often immersed in the oil ground for oil-immersion lubrication.In this way, when the gear is in transmission, the lubricating oil is brought to the meshing tooth surface, and the oil is also thrown to the wall of the box to dissipate heat.The depth of the gear immersed in the oil depends on the circumferential speed of the gear. For cylindrical gears, it is usually not more than one tooth height, but generally it should not be less than 10mm; for bevel gears, it should be immersed in the full tooth width, at least immersed in the tooth width. half.In the multi-stage gear transmission, the oil can be brought to the tooth surface of the gear that is not immersed in the oil ground by means of an oil tanker.

    The amount of oil in the oil pool depends on the transmission power of the gear.For single-stage transmission, the oil demand is about 0.35~0.7Lo for every XNUMXkw of power transmitted. For multi-stage transmission, the oil demand increases exponentially according to the number of stages.

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